Emily Dickinson Explication

Emily Dickinson states that “The Soul selects her own society then shuts the Door”. This is speaking about how the world is shut out from her “divine majority” instead of she being shut out from the world; this is The Soul’s choice. When she is shut out, quite literally, she is “present no more”, she is not mingling with the mass of an “ample nation”. Also the Soul is uncompromising towards anyone that tries to enter into her Society once the metaphorical door is shut. She seems to be shutting out the everyone and she will not open up to anyone, even chariots, a sign of wealth and majesty, and even an emperor cannot persuade her. The Emperor who is kneeling, a sign of submission and loyalty, with all his wealth is “at her low Gate” where all the peasant and lower class people would be stopped at in a kingdom which in this case is her ‘Attention’ where her selected,”Divine Majority” is above all. In the third stanza the poet shows the severity of the Soul’s exclusiveness – even from “an ample nation” of people, she easily settles on one single person, she has to “choose one”, to include in her kingdom, be apart of the Divine Majority”, someone who she want in her ‘attention’; so immediately and without doubt in her decision everyone else is locked out. “Then close the Valves of her attention” is a metaphor of her not giving anyone, “from an Ample nation” except the one she had to choose, any attention. She closes with an image of a stone which symbolizes how she reacts to other people who seek her attention; the other people who she had locked out. She give them the plain and non-responsive look of a “Stone” after she closed “the Values of her attention”.

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