American Studies WPA Poster PictureThis poster considers the Second New Deal, and the point of the Working Progressive Administration (WPA), and the construction of public buildings ,such as airports, that allowed the idea of economic security to become a reality. Establishment of the WPA was not until 1934 when New Dealers, such as President Roosevelt and Harry Hopkins, realized that there was a ‘growing popular glamour’ for greater economic equality, specifically in the economic security sector, unlike the era of the First New Deal that focused on economic recovery. The idea of the Second New Deal would now guarantee Americans the protection against unemployment and poverty. The WPA would call for out-of-work white collar workers and professionals, such as airplane pilots. Involved New Dealers pitched that the government should redistribute the national income so as to sustain mass purchasing power in the consumer economy, so as to prevent another Depression the first was thought to have been caused by the imbalance of wealth and income. The posters is manifested with mid-20th century planes and calligraphy that advertises something new and innovative, Municipal Airports in New York City. The arrangements of the words and images are worth taking note of; the arrangement is in a grandiose fashion with the moderately colored image taking up most of the poster and information about ‘first two airports’ in smaller but large enough print. This is an effective way of getting as much information as possible to the target market for the most part probably will not stop to look at the poster in detail but is still provided enough information either way. This poster embodies some traditional and some unique styles that would be in post poster today and in the 1930’s.